Doing all the wrong things when posting

by Scott on January 25, 2016

This month I’ve been focusing on creating content regularly instead of packaging everything correctly.    I have been cross-posting on Twitter but that’s more because I installed a Twitter plugin and my theme changed and it took me a bit to figure out where it all went.   Next month I plan on changing this.  I’ll start after the first of February so I can just use analytics to compare the change.  It should be a huge change but the posts should be more visually appealing because I’ll add a photo in each post.  I’ll also create an image for Facebook with each post.  It’s important to have an image because in each Twitter and Facebook post it will display a thumbnail in the post which increases click through.  It’s also better to post in the morning as opposed to late at night.  This you should time for your audience, not your time where ever you are in the world.  If your writing for a German users schedule your posts for before 9AM in Germany even if your in Thailand.  These 3 changes should make a big difference in February.


It’s better to have pictures in each post. Cross-post on other platforms like Twitter and Facebook.  Post in the morning for more interaction with your readers.

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