by Scott on January 22, 2016

Not everything is going to turn out exactly right.  Adjust without dwelling on the why or who.  Focusing on the why did this happen and looking for meaning as well as who is responsible for what happened many times are simply not relevant to the options at hand.  Like if a flight is overbooked.  Seriously, the poor person at the counter isn’t the one that overbooked the flight but they are the one that can do the most to help you.  If could rain though out your whole stay in a place.  Bags get lost.

Figure out an alternative and move on.

Lost bags, ah you have to go shopping!  Oh this little thing? I got it in Paris.  It’s raining outside?  It’s dry in restaurants, find hidden gems and take pictures of the food.  The point is, you make the adventure possible if you let it.

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