Planning is good, doing is better

by Scott on January 20, 2016

I think the plan many people have is similar to this: save up, reduce or sell everything, travel, then write or blog about it.  They get caught up in the planning and fantasizing about distant lands and experiences.  Dream about the exotic people they’ll encounter where inevitably they are more suave then the Heineken guy and more dapper then the Dos Equis guy.  After all of the thought and planning… what if they don’t like it?  I mean the writing about it part.  It doesn’t just flow, not at first at least.  It’s work, probably always work.  To come up with content on a regular basis  and that it’s interesting to more people then just your mom? That’s work!  To this I say the order is wrong, start writing and traveling, reduce or sell and save up.  Writing about anything first will make you a better writer later when you have better subjects like the Parthenon or the Eiffel tower.  As a kid I got skates for Christmas and said I would wear them when I was 6 because when I was 6 I’d know how to skate.  No, it doesn’t work like that.  It’s better to start early and gain experience so you will be better when it matters.  Start locally, and yes I know I heard a collective uugggh just now, even if that is what you are seeking to get away from.  Someplace close then.  Or write about the destination, the planning, the people or whatever.  You can even start with one of those free blogger or sites and throw it away later if you want. Pretend your writing to a friend who’s from out of town or as marketing material for a business proposal.

Just start.

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