Creative vacation day management

by Scott on January 19, 2016

One problem people may run into when they are trying to travel more is the conflict between the desire to travel and the need to fit it in the precious number of days off you have.  If your fortunate to work where people generally don’t take time off around many of the holidays you can parlay this into many more days of travel.  Right now it looks like I’ll be able to convert my 15 days of vacation into over 40 days of travel overseas this year.  Mental note I need to buy more SD cards.  What this comes down to is the willingness to travel during peak holidays.  It’s a trade off between time and money, you’re paying a little extra in order to save days of vacation.  Labor day in the US is a good one for example, take 4 days of vacation – get 5 or 6 days free depending if you also get floating holidays or comp time you can use.  I like that ratio.  It also helps if you’re willing to take red-eye flights.  I’ve always been able to sleep like a baby on planes, so I don’t mind them really and generally most everyone else is sleeping also so your not libel to have someone in back of you pitching a fit when you recline your seat.  Leave work get on a plane is the idea.  So right now my  trips are spring in Europe, summer road trips to National Parks with tentative plans for fall possibly South America or Caribbean and winter Australia and/or vicinity using this strategy.

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