Test run planning

by Scott on January 18, 2016

My plans for this are to save money and travel more often.  Which in it’s face you’d think the two wouldn’t go well together.  The trips are test runs really.  Some overseas many stateside, most all reflect my interests.  Partly to see if all of the hype I’ve built up in my head measures up to the reality of it all, partly to see if I can actually do it. For me to counter that, how I’ve been planning is really just the flight in and flight out and where I’m going to stay.  Sure there are sights I’d like to see but my plan is to just wing it depending on the day.  I’m not an itinerary kind of  traveler, ok we’re a bit late so we have 37 minutes to see the museum – GO!  I did that the first time I was in Paris and is kinda why I’d like to go back.  Over planning can ruin it I think if your trying to fit to much in, the country I had the least expectation and planning for what one of my favorite places – Turkey.  This year will also include road trips to National Parks to celebrate the 100 year anniversary. There are several I’ve always wanted to see and this would be a great year to do it.

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