My Little MeetPlanGo Tip

by Scott on September 10, 2010

Ok I’ll admit that this isn’t going to be all that revolutionary to many people but here’s a little tip if your planning to attend MeetPlanGo next week:

Bring Business Cards

This is from personal experience.  When I went to TBEX this year I made the mistake of not bringing cards with me.  It was while I was outside waiting to get in that I realized just how much of a mistake this had been.  So early the next morning I ran down to the closest Staples and had them print me out some.

Even if you don’t have a site – bring something with your name on it to give to other people.  It could be your business card from work that you write your personal email on.  Better yet include your Facebook or Linkedin info.  If you have a website you’ll of course want to include it’s address and email, if you don’t have cards for the site made already.  If this is your very first step and you don’t have anything yet, you don’t have to get all that fancy.  You can buy some paper that’s a little thicker, type out some information in Word (formatting it to print business cards) and print them out.  If you’d like to have  fancier ones you can print them out on Avery 8476 (laser), 8371 (inkjet) paper that has business card sized perforations.

Your going to connect with other like minded people right?  Leaving them with your personal contacts strengthens that connection.

If your just coming for the drinks – you should still bring business cards to help the cabbie drive you home.  See, everyone needs business cards!

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Sherry Ott September 10, 2010 at 4:52 pm

GREAT tip – thanks for sharing Scott!

Scott September 10, 2010 at 10:18 pm

Sure I figured that it could be a quick weekend project for people.

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