Only 700 days until London 2012

by Scott on August 27, 2010

Only 700 days until the start of the London Olympics!  Today I received and email stating that this fall the prices will be announced for all of the events and that they would go on sale next spring.  If you live in the UK or in Europe.  Dang.  Earlier I had signed up for the volunteer list which is why I keep getting their announcements.

Over to the US Olympic committee page I go, to see if they have anything about London yet.  Not much really. It’s actually rather poor in regards to London 2012 currently.  What they do have is the countdown (that’s where I go the 700 from) and you can also find a donor page that:

…includes exceptional seating at competitions, accredited transportation, fine dining and a reception at the USOC’s exclusive USA House. Meet remarkable athletes and USOC Leadership, tour historic London and share in the camaraderie of the Games!

all for only $150,ooo! But wait!  That’s for two.  All payable over the next 4 years.  OMG what a deal!  Sign me up.

Hold on.  Is there an affiliate link for that?

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