World Travel Plans Inspired by Rube Goldberg in 32 Steps

by Scott on August 11, 2010

To travel the world. Many people say they would like to travel the world, but in actuality few do. The conventional media knows not everyone can, for various reasons. They know we as consumers are all to eager to snap up the little morsels of ‘secret getaways’, tips on quite hidden gems, or deals of any kind. So month after month we gather them up. Tucking all of the tips into our little mental folders of ‘someday’ or ‘if only’ for the day that we have worked for all of our lives. To travel the world.

I call this:
The Rube Goldberg Inspired Plans for World Travel in 32 Steps.

Go to school.
Get good grades.
Buy car.
Go to college.
Get tattoo.
Get good grades.
Repeat as needed.
Meet significant other
Get first real job.
Get engaged
Have little wedding
Do everything not to repeat as needed.
Work to save up for vacation/holidays.
Buy house.
Cram 4 week itinerary into 2 weeks of vacation.
Get better job
Have kids.
Regret tattoo.
Advance in your career.
Buy bigger house
Take kids on vacation.
Get braces for kids
Get kids through school.
Give kid car.
Pay to fix said car.
Send kids to college.
Meet kids fiance.
Have big wedding.
Help get kids on their feet.
Meet grandkids.
Travel the World

Wait a minute! Is it just me or is that just damn crazy?!?

The sad fact is, for many it’s fairly actuate. For those of us that it’s not, sign up for Meet Plan Go.

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