July numbers

by Scott on August 9, 2010

July ended up not not being the greatest month posting wise.    Although I did get a great deal done.  Much of the month was consumed getting everything set up for a new website I am building that should be ready in early Sept.   I’m starting a hosting company that will initially be geared to new helping new bloggers get started blogging.  One feature I’m working on is no caps; if a new blogger gets the smallest package and they hit a bandwidth or storage cap, I’d automatically upgrade them to the next package (only if they opt in for this feature).  I’m also working on no cpu usage caps for other packages, but that will be at a later date.  More on this later.

July numbers

Adsense    $1.56

Affiliates       0

Ads     0

Alexa Rank 1,614,757

Posts  2

Upcoming events and meetups


Minnesota Blog Conference – Sept 11 (CoCo in St Paul)

Meet Plan Go – Sept 14 (Chiang Mai Thai in Minneapolis)


The Unconventional Book Tour –  Oct 3 (Chris Guillabeau’s book tours’ MSP stop)

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