Twitter #travel is like heroine

by Scott on June 17, 2010

Not that I’ve ever done Heroine, I haven’t.

But I seriously, I really don’t know how anyone gets anything done while they have a twitter client like tweetdeck running. The list of people I follow is still meager, but Twitter is so very ADD for me.

It would probably help is I didn’t have 8 search columns up on my tweekdeck. You know the usual #travel, #TBEX10, #TNI, mentions, friends, other topics.

Ever time I turn on TweetDeck I loose an afternoon.  There is just so much good information.  Most of the time something else catches my eye before I can even reply to anything.  It doesn’t take long before I’m trying to refresh the screen because it’s not going fast enough.

Ya, ya, ya. More, more, more.

Maybe I should take it easy on the caffine.

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