Is LinkWithin Causing Facebook Issues?

by Scott on June 16, 2010

Many people have commented on Twitter about their Facebook thumbnails dropping out and not displaying when they post a link on their wall.

This is my theory: it is the dynamic images that are causing it.

LinkWithin is just the first service that comes to mind.  The way LinkWithin works is every time someone visits your page, it has a copy of your post thumbnails on their server and they then send a set of links to your site. (Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s how I understand it)

Whenever that last change happened at Facebook, it is no longer waiting for the new set of images to come over from LinkWithin or from any other service for that matter.  You can tell right away when you post a link because it will say “0 of 0 photos”.  It may be getting filtered out just like it filters out ad images

But wait, you say “some of my links have photos on them”.  Take a look at the page that it being linked to and I’ll bet that it doesn’t have dynamic images on them.  Try this experiment:  Post a link of this page on your wall.  I bet it will display the thumbnail.  Now link to any post that has a LinkWithin (or any similar service) on it. If you have your LinkWithin at the top, Facebook seems never to add an image.   It does look like it helps if there are several pictures in your post before the LinkWithin plugin.  But more often then not, you won’t get a thumbnail to post.

Let me know your results.

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