The Best Flight I Ever Missed, the last Part

by Scott on June 5, 2010

Continued from:  The Best Flight I Ever Missed, Part 3 (or I Delta)

While I’m laying in bed I remember hearing about a volcano going off and didn’t think much of it until my mom came. She told me I was very lucky that I didn’t make that flight. It was then that I saw in tv what everyone was talking about. Big giant volcano shutting down Europe.

What a 24 hour difference would have made.

If I had my kidney troubles one day later that would mean I was 6 hours into an 8 hour flight over the Atlantic. Had I made it to Amsterdam, I would have been in a foreign country in a hospital where I don’t speak the language.

To top it all off. the flight would have been the last one out of Minneapolis before the European airspace was shutdown because of the Icelandic volcano. So no flight home, not even a medical one.

And I’m healthy. Well I thought I was. I don’t smoke and don’t really drink, maybe a 6 pack a month. Yes a month. I’m really good at it so I don’t need anymore practice. Getting ready for the trip I had been walking around with my 30lb pack for several weeks.

It could have been much worse.

The whole time I was in the hospital I couldn’t ever get comfortable. I attributed this to merely being the hospital. When I go home however I was really having problems with my right ass cheek. Two days after I do home I discovered why. Getting out of the shower I notice my hip is BLACK. Ohh crap.

It’s wasn’t like a black bruise where is changes color, it’s just black, from the small of my back to my right side hip bone.

This explains why I can’t sit in a chair. Every morning there are things I need to do for Indie Travel Podcast online, I do some intern stuff for them. 5 minutes is all I can handle either at my computer or at the kitchen table.

This means more tests to make sure nothing is wrong. They think it’s related to the nurse popping me with morphine the first day along with the huge amounts of blood thinners I was on at the time. I don’t blame her, that was the best damn shot I ever had in my life.

Thankfully it was just a bruise and not more clotting problems. Being on blood thinners means it’ll take much longer to heal.

It took me a month to feel normal again.

But I still feel happy and lucky and healthy and still moving forward with my travel plans.

I’ll just be on a later flight.

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