The Best Flight I ever Missed Part 3 (or I heart Delta)

by Scott on June 4, 2010

Continued from: The Best Flight I Ever Missed Part 2

It’s not until I am giving Josh the details of my flight that he tells me it’s almost 4am. “Don’t call mom it’s to late,” I say. I know she has to get up early for my stepdads cancer treatment and I didn’t want her to worry. He didn’t listen which could be expected.

The rounds start at 6am where they give me more morphine-y type stuff. Some nurses give you good stuff and some give you stuff that doesn’t work at all. It’s easy to figure out which nurses are going to give you the not so good stuff because they are the ones that are crabby and ill tempered.

Drugs or no drugs I feel like shit.

The only meal of note was the breakfast or the first day. Wait. Come to think of it it was like the first day. Broth, cranberry juice, and Jello. Taking the lid off the first time, I distinctly remember thinking “ah geez, what the hell” In exactly the same manor that my dad did. I’m sure I had the same look of confused disgust.

OMG my flight!

My cell phone is now dead. Thankfully Josh had left me the Delta number. I call.

Discover my voice doesn’t work. When it does it sounds terribly weak.

After several “for ___ press#,” I get a person.

“Thank you Mr. Kimber would you like to check in for your flight?”

“No. I need to cancel because I’m in the hospital. I can give you my room number if that helps.”

She puts me on hold.

When she comes back she tells me she will forward this to their charity Wings of Hope (not exactly sure) who will verify that I am in hospital and refund my miles.


This first trip I had booked with frequent flier miles to save money. The round trip was only $80 in taxes I had to pay.

That was all the strength I had for the day. Not even enough to watch tv. Done.

Over the 3 days I was there I lost 15lbs.

When I get home later, one of the first things I do is check my mileage balance. What do you know! They’re all back.

Living in Minneapolis, Delta pretty much owns all of the gates so your left with few other choices. A lot of people are not happy with them over their frequent flier program. They could have had me do a ton of paperwork verifying I was actually in the hospital. Then they could have taken 3 to 180 days to redeposit. But they didn’t.

In the time since I’ve reevaluated which airline I would use as my primary. Cost wise it’s pretty much a wash. Using Chicago as my departure point is under $200 savings for flights but the connecting flight from Minneapolis is $200. I may have to change planes in Atlanta, but I woulda had to change airlines at Ohare.  Like my bags wouldn’t get lost doing that.

So I’m staying.  I couldn’t be happier with Delta right now.

Tomorrow: The Last Part (or have I mentioned I woulda been on the last flight from MSP to AMS before the volcano blew up?)

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