The Best Flight I ever Missed (or an Ode to Morphine) Part 2

by Scott on June 3, 2010

Continued from:  The Best Flight I ever Missed Part 1

So into my brothers SUV I go, feet on the dash. Fortunately he doesn’t mind or at least that’s what he says.

The emergency room is full as I get checked in. The pains down to about a 6-7 now. Although I’m still groaning with each breath.

After I’m checked the check-in lady gives directions to radiology which is upstairs, or course. While I’m walking I discover that I can’t stand up straight anymore. I’m doubled over leaning to my left side like a little old geezer. The doctors instructions in my right hand flap back and forth as it seems to help with the odd balance. I see myself in 50 years, except with suspenders.

Finally get to radiology and sit down. My brother Josh comes in and sits with me. It took awhile for him to find me after parking the car and calling mom.

Fortunately it was a short wait. The radiology lady calls my name and I’m let into the CAT scan room. Where you lay down and go in and out of a tube so they can get slices of your innerds.

By the time I leave I’m able to walk straight and I’m feeling pretty good. So much so I ask the radiologist, this wasn’t just gas was it, ’cause that would be embarrassing. She says the doctor will call me in a bit.

Alrighty then. Into the waiting room it is. As we wait I am mentally going through my to do list. Everything is ready I just need to pack it. Heck it’s only a week, all I really need is my daybag that has my camera in it, I can buy clothes if I have to. After about a half hour my brother notices everyone else gets their results in about 5 minutes. He asks the receptionist at the desk when we will be getting a call. Oh your still waiting? I’m told the phone on the wall will ring and I am to pick it up.

The doctor starts, “Well… something something… the person that reads these read them from home… something about it being hours and he was waiting for me to call…”

‘what did you find’

“It’s not a kidney stone” I think, cool I can go home. (Morphine’s finally kicked in.)

“We’re going to have to admit you” Crap.

“It looks like you’ve had a blood clot in your kidney and part of it died”


We go back down to the ER and get a number. After about 20 minutes the pain starts creeping back. Josh goes up and asks at the ER desk how long the wait is, and tells them we were just at radiology and they told us to come down here to get admitted. The guy Josh had been talking to said that there was about a 2 hour line and that I would have to wait. Thankfully a lady doctor over heard them and said “no you need to send him back right now”.

Straight back I go. Where I end up in a bed. After about 20 minutes the pains approaching 5-6 again so the orderly gives me more morphine. Which has no affect.

The lady doctor comes back and sees my discomfort. She looks at what I was given. ” He gave you some morphine?” Ya, I say. “I’ll give you something, don’t you worry”, she winks.

I love her now.

The rest of the night is sort of a blur between trying to rest, people giving me shots or taking blood tests and finally getting settled in a room.

Before Josh leaves I give him all of the details I can think of for my flight and ask him to call Delta in the morning, because now I’m definitely missing my flight. Not sure I’m going to be able to. I’m wiped out.

Tomorrow: Part 3 ( or I Delta)

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