The Best Flight I Ever Missed (or an Ode to Morphine) Part 1

by Scott on June 2, 2010

Continued from Not the start I had been hoping for:

At work I was wrapping up what I could and was trying to mentally pack everything I had laid out on my bed. I was debating whether of not I really needed to bring each item or not. When I got this pain in my stomach. It was a real quick sharp ‘ohh something didn’t agree with me’ pain and didn’t think much of it.

It just kept getting worse. Walking around seemed to help a bit but even that didn’t help after a while. Maybe it was just gas. So I went to the bathroom. Nope not gas or constipation. Because pressing on my stomach like the doctor does at an exam there was nothing in there.

It was about an hour of this walking, going back on forth to the bathroom and sitting and whinning my tummy hurt. I’m sure everyone was thinking ya right, the day before your vacation and you need to go home early. Someone suggested that I go to the store and and get some Pepto. That sounded reasonable, I would come right back. Fortunately there’s a store close by. I went in and go the tablet form, since after all I may need them for my trip. Paid for it in a cold sweat, when to my car, popped them open and crunched one down.

Almost instantly made it worse.

Turns out the tablet form of Pepto is mostly a diuretic. I get back to the parking lot and walk around briskly for a hour or so before I realize I had better go home.I had better at least let them know I won’t be coming back to work.

After I drive home and change.  I try laying down on the bed, one the couch, on the floor. Nothing. The pains now at the point of not being able to drive. I’ll have to have someone bring me in, so I call a friend.

Walking into Urgent Care at the clinic, I’m fourth or fifth in line for the triage nurse. The lobby is full, but I am moaning the most. Finally it’s my turn. “From 1 to 10 whats my pain at?” 6 or 7. She asks me if my color always looks this bad. Ahhhh, no. She gets a wheelchair sends me straight back to an exam room.

Hospital sign

In the room the doctor sees me and asks if I have ever had a kidney stone before. Nope. He’s going to send in a nurse with a shot that will help pass it. While I wait for her I put on the gown and call my brother. “You better come down” I tell him.

The pain is increasing with each breath. Not real sure how long it was between the shot and when the doctor came back in. He had me get on the table so he could feel my stomach. I couldn’t really lay down and getting up I tell him I’m very nauseous.

He grabs a ring punches his fist trough it, instant barf bag. Well that’s cool, why don’t planes have that I think as I dry heave into it.

The doctor leaves. I’m still on the table. I better get down or I’ll get hurt when I pass out. I sit on the little pull out stool.

Pains at a 10 now.

At some point they had taken on blood pressure and it was something like 190 over 174. Thats bad.  It keeps rising but it may be because I’m in a lot of pain.

My brother comes in.

Eyes not really focusing anymore.

Nurse comes in and says she has morphine, can I get up.


I scoot my ass cheek over so she can give me the shot.

I hope this works because I’m in trouble here.

(side not: My brothers and I had taken care of my dad after he had a stroke in ’93 that left him paralyzed on one side and had difficulty speaking)

I wonder if this is what it was like for dad.

Now for me, morphine is not like in the movies. You see the scenes where someones been shot and in excruciating pain, the doctor or medic gives them a shot and in mere seconds the patient is all calm and sometimes feeling comfortable. Not me. Morphine takes like a half hour to kick in.

It did help a TON though. They get a wheelchair for me after I got dressed.

Did they think I would be able to make my flight in the morning?

Ahhh, No.

I was alright with that, as long as there was more morphine.

Tomorrow: Part 2 (if only it had been a stone)

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