Not the start I had hoped for

by Scott on June 1, 2010

Well this hasn’t been the start I had planned on.  I had planned on April being my month.  It was the month I was going to make my big start or at least get the ball rolling. A flight to Amsterdam where I would spend a couple days then the train to Paris with a side trip to Versailles. It was going to be great, my first solo trip. A test run if you will. There was a list of 75 topics I could write about, which were more like 75 things I wanted to see or do.

My flight was to leave a week after the first anniversary of my dad passing.  He would have thought it was great. Many times he had said ‘you should, you should’.

Being a complete noob at travel writing this was what I had thought I needed to do to get started. It’s a bit overwhelming. I tell ya, I don’t know how many travel writers do it. Great articles, nice websites, commenting on others websites, twitter, podcasts. When do you have time to travel?

I was going to do the best I could and hope it came to me along the way. Which is still kinda my plan.

First I spent a good week fretting over which bag should I buy only to realize I really hated all of them so I was just going to use the one I already had.   I booked the ticket with my frequent flier miles I had been hording for years, ching!  And I had managed to get 8 days off burning NO vacation time, CHA ching!   Nice, hey I like this! I should do this more often.  Maybe this is how everyone does it.

Hostels and hotels had been booked.   There were plans for tours and museums.  Absinthe and Amstel in Amsterdam, wine in Paris, it was going to be awesome.  Oh and if it rained that wouldn’t matter, then I could get some cool dreary black and white photos.  The last thing on my list was to get a Paris Pass and to buy travel insurance.  Which I would do after work.

Tomorrow: The Best Flight I ever Missed (or an Ode to Morphine)

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