I heart Planes

by Scott on February 26, 2010

CX A330
I love planes.  I like the sound they make flying over my condo when they are taking power off before landing, it’s always the slow spool down sound that you can mimic by drawing air in slowing instead of whistling.  I like how planes look sleek with the menacingly powerful engines hanging from the wings.   I like the inside of planes, not just where you sit but the cargo areas as well, how you have to squat to stack bags in the heat.  I like the sound of DC10’s third engine.  It just has a different arng-anrg-arng sound to it.  I like to watch the choreography of a plane coming in and the ground crew converging on it like a pit crew at an Indie or Nascar race.  Bag converyers, fuel guy, bag carts all arrive, bags flow off, carts drive away, converyors back away,  and finally food truck takes away the old trays and brings fresh.  I like the smell of jetfuel.  I like how in the winter, if you stand in the Power Units exhaust, it warms you up.  I know I’m going to hell, I should probably buy some offsets.  I like the feeble amount of peanuts you get, and if you really admit it to yourself you are desperate for another bag.  Partly because what they give you is just enough to remember that -hey you like peanuts- and partly for the flight attendants recognition that you ARE someone special and you DO deserve more. If given a second bag it is simply NOT possible NOT to look around to see if others have noticed that the obviously brilliant flight attendant has bestowed upon you the coveted second bag because you’re a somebody and they just don’t know yet.  It’s like not closing your eyes when you sneeze. Next time you get a second bag, your going to look. I like the little blankies and pillows they give you, except when you have to pay for them – come on homeless people don’t want to use them.  I like the food, I’ll try to eat all of it, really.  I wonder if we look like penguins or baby chicks waiting to be fed to the flight attendants? I like the windows that I can’t sit by because I will look out them the entire time.

I like the idea of planes. How you can basically get in a flying bus and be in a completely new place in a couple hours.   Somewhere that had my grandparents gone there it would have taken a month and had their parents gone it would not only have been the journey of their lifetime but probably was a one way trip.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Simon_sees

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