Planning on getting sick

by Scott on February 22, 2010

194 of 365: I got home last night feeling ill and went to bed

(not me)

Starting a several websites at the time, working full time and waking up early to fit more into the day left me tired and drained.  Susceptible.  What happened?  You guessed it I ended up getting the flu that was going around work.  It pretty much wiped me out for a couple days.

One thing I kept thinking as I laid on the couch under my pile of blankets, sweating and shivering was “What do people do when they get sick on the road?”  I at least had my normal stash of saltines I could fall back on, but what do you do when your in a foreign city?  Many times you’ll have trains to catch and rooms that need to be checked into.  This is the little list I worked up between naps before my fever broke.

You can:

Suck it up. Nothings really wrong with you it’s all in your head. Those with a stronger character/constitution don’t have this problem.  Keep going.  The problem is – sometimes no matter how strong of character or how strong your constitution is, you are going to get sick.  At home or overseas, you have to recognize it and adjust. Denying it to long only makes it worse. Except for the bottle flu, that is your own fault so you should suck it up.

Hold up. As in staying put.  That is what sick days are for.  Just because your on the road doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a sick day if you need one.  It helps if your itinerary is a bit flexible.  This will mean you will miss some sites but if your sick it is better to be back in a hotel then in a tour bus barreling down the road while your in the toilet honking. It’s never pretty.

Go in. If I expel anything crimson colored I’m going in.  I don’t really care where I’m at, it could be to the local witch doctor or Shaman, heck they may even have a better cure anyway.  Either way I’m going to see someone.  Also if my condition doesn’t change the second day or I think I’m getting worse I’ll go in and get checked out anyway as a precaution.  Traveling solo you have to be more proactive I think.

Let me know if you what your plans are for handling getting sick on the road. I am interested in seeing what other peoples plans are and what they actually ended up doing to get over it.

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