First guest post!

by Scott on February 10, 2010

Yesterday will be a day I remember for a while.  It was the day I had my first guest post! Go check it out it’s on Indie Travel Podcast. You may have also seen it on their Facebook page (you should fan them). It may not be the greatest writing in the world but it’s a start.

It’s my review of David Lees Travel Blog Success.  It turned into more of a comparison of three different courses that I’ve taken.  Each has it’s strong points.  This course is good and I like it a lot, if your thinking about travel blogging I really think it has the best bang for your buck right now.

I was going to write something different today but decided to continue to revel in this ‘first’.   There will be more to come I’m sure, this was kinda a big one in my book.  Thanks Craig and Linda.

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