What I’m not

by Scott on February 9, 2010

Starting out travel blogging now, you have to wonder – has this boat already sailed?   You question yourself and your ability to step away and go through with it.  Part of the naval gazing that everyone probably has gone through prior to setting out on extended travel or even starting your own business for that matter is an honest self assesment.  Let’s see what I’m not to start out with shall we?

I’m not a Stanford grad or any Ivy League grad for that matter. Seth Godin I am not, other then catching up tohim in the hair department.

I haven’t been blogging since it started.  Dabbled a bit with websites for many years, nothing with any impact.

I’m not a career person tired of corporate life.  I worked in a paper mill for 8 years, quit, then went back to school.

I’m not a student or student aged.  There are far more doors open to and more discounts available college age travelers.

I’m not on a gap year, from school or a career.  I don’t have a timetable when I have to get back.

I haven’t sold my business and plan on traveling with the proceeds.  Over the years I have had different businesses with mixed success where I learned more then I earned.

Geez where does that leave me?  Turns out I’m just an average guy with extraordinary dreams.  Wanderlust struck me at an early age.  One way or another I am getting on a plane this summer and traveling until what money I have runs out.

Why should you follow me (or friend me on Facebook)?  Because I plan on showing you how I will do it.  Hopefully it won’t be a train wreck that you just can’t look away from, but you would learn from that too.

Tomorrow I’ll post the positives…

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