31 Ways of Traveling and one Disqualifier

by Scott on February 8, 2010

Hovercraft at Ryde

The last couple days I have made some lists regarding where I would like to go and what I would like to see. One of them is my list of different modes of transportation.  This ended up being a much longer list then I thought it would be.  There are a couple extra credit ones at the end because they don’t run anymore.  I would like to take them all (except the disqualifier).

How many have you taken?

Walking – walking from bar to bar doesn’t count, from town to town does

Bicycle – even one of those city tours counts it’s a great way to see a city

Rollerblade – Some cities have regularly scheduled roller blade events

Rickshaw – human powered, go dude go!

Scooter/moped – It may be more exhilarating than you think

Motorcycle – no big scooters are not motorcycles

Car –  no brainer, easy points to get you started.

Bus – tour bus, rural bus, chicken bus

Jeepney – colorful variant of a bus

Plane, jet– another no brainer

Bush Plane – check your life insurance first

Parasail/glider – anything where you hang from a clothe kite

Spaceship – Spaceship Two the ultimate in awesomeness

Train – last freebie

Top of train – for those young enough to

Tram – enclosed cable car

Trolley/streetcar – San Francisco’s gets you extra points

Subway – some are better then others

Ship – Cruise, cargo or other

Sailboat -anything powered with a sail

Ferry – ship that takes cars

Catamaran ferry – fast ferry that uses hydrofoils

Canoe/kayak – self powered tiny boat

Dugout – hollowed out tree with or without a motor

Reed boat – Similar to those used on Lake Titicaca

Canal barge – slow boat down canal

Wagon/oxcart – All the time to take in the scenery

Donkey – would you rather walk back up from the Grand Canyon?

Horse – give yourself extra points if you can handle a rope or bolo

Yak – can you ride a yak?

Elephant – travel like Hannibal


Unicycle – if you do it dressed as a mime or magician

Extra credit

Concord – for those more ‘seasoned’ jetsetters

Hover ferry – Ferry that hovered on air.

EDIT Added one so it’s now 32 Ways of Traveling

Camel – I can’t believe I forgot Camel

Creative Commons License photo credit: Nathan150

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Shawn February 8, 2010 at 10:26 pm

That is a seriously impressive list. Good luck on the spaceship… :)

Scott February 8, 2010 at 11:52 pm

I’d dang near sell a kidney to to that! :-)

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