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by Scott on February 6, 2010

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or alternate title: A Noob begins route planning

Thanks to the library I have a good portion of my weight in brand-spanky new guidebooks right now.  There is a smattering from each big publisher, city guides, country guides, and of course budget/shoestring/backdoor guides.  My recent No Reservations fix doesn’t help matters either.  Foodie or not Prague looks like it might have to make it on the list.  There are so many places that are on the ‘I’d like to go there’ list – how do you fit them all in without being rushed.  The last thing I want to have is an itinerary set in stone.  From 8:00 to 9:10 you will enjoy the city center when you will board the 9:22 train… What if I’m hungover I don’t want to get up or maybe just want to spend the day people watching? That type of travel really doesn’t appeal to me.  Part of the reason that I picked Heading That Way as a name is that I don’t know where I am going,  I know the direction I’d like to go in and the things I would like to see and experience.  Sure airline tickets I’ll need a definite departure and return date and thanks to the Schengen agreement I guess I’ll only be staying in Europe for 90 days.  To linger if I so choose would be nice.

My planning is more research and lists of things to do.  I find it’s important to try to stay focused, not just read and plan endlessly.  I’ve started using a 30 minute timer because I don’t have to know everything.  Key points, big events, rail or transport hubs and lodging.  For my  first trip this may not be the best approach, I’ll find out one way or another.  let me know what you did and if you any suggestions.

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