Casual Friday

by Scott on February 5, 2010

This week has been full of working on different websites,  reading guide books for route planning and doing a little graphics training.  It seems like I have spent all of my waking hours on the computer.  Tonight I desided to turn on my tv for the first time in a couple weeks. After all there is the new season of Bourdian to catch up on.    The Travel Channel is pushing the “Good Tony Bad Tony” thing a little to much.   It looks like they are also experimenting with tilt shift lenses a bit too.  Normally I Tivo through the commercials, tonight I was working on a couple different posts that just weren’t working very well and what is this?  Boudrain is going to be in my town?   AWESOME!!  I’m so there!  I wonder what he talks about, is it a foodie thing or travel  either way it should be good.

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