Pre-trip messing with friends

by Scott on February 4, 2010


There’s a commercial on tv in America that’s called “Messing with Sasquatch”,’ where several guys pull pranks on Sasquatch such as putting shaving cream in Sasquatches hand  and the tickling his nose.  They have a good laugh and end up getting thrown over a pine tree or something.

When your planning on traveling you inevitably are barraged with questions.  I keep thinking of that commercial when the questions drag on for to long.  So I’ve been working on several of my own:

Messing with friends and family.

If your young and college aged, when someone asks who you are going to travel with you can mention “There’s this guy, he owns this club. He said I can stay with him.”  For added impact state his age is at least 30 years older than yours.

Watch the National Geographic  series  “Locked Up Abroad” on tv or video.   Continually refer to it as “training”.  After watching an episode state “Amateurs, that’s not how you do that.  There this guy that said there’s a better way to do it.“  Abruptly stop talking and look around like you have said to much.

When asked how you are going to pay for the trip say “I don’t need money”.  Imply that with the exchange rate and a little bit of arbitrage you can make a great deal selling your blood.  This is due to one countries dire need for blood, you know because of the addicts.  Feel free to throw in “there’s this guy… “ to add to your credibility.

Actually using any of the above really, really won’t help your case at all.  Friends might get a real kick out of some of these.  Your mom won’t think the last one’s funny at all.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Thomas Roche Still from the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film, from Wikipedia

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