Travel TV like no other

by Scott on January 29, 2016

I’ve been traveling on business recently and have accidentally stumbled on a channel that is amazing!  It is what travel tv should always have been.  Go check out it stands for Trains Planes + Automobiles.  There are vignettes between shows that will hook you if your even remotely interested in travel.  They are like someone has captured someones daydreams on film.  Incredible!  Very cutting edge in the cinematography.  Right now there’s very few if any commercials mainly plugs for the other shows.  It’s apparently available on the Roku box which means I absolute have to run out any buy one right away.

MSP Airport tip

by Scott on January 28, 2016

IMG_0215If you ever end up staying the night at the Minneapolis Airport, the observation deck is open all night and they bring up piles of sleeping mats up there for you.  It’s located in the D concourse right around the corner from McDonalds.  I like to stop up there each time I’m at the airport and am always amazed at how few people are usually up there.

Local tourist

January 27, 2016

One way to also practice creating content is to be a tourist in your own city or region.  I live only 3-4 hours from Canada and have only been there once.  That’s got to change.  Think of how many places visitors to your area would be interested in that you haven’t been either.  I’ve never […]

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Adding a city

January 26, 2016

I’ve decided to add in London to my test trip this spring.  If I don’t go I know I’ll regret it.  The trouble now is how to get there.  The test run trip is only 12 days and adding another city adds 2 travel days. Well not 2 full travel days but it still takes […]

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Doing all the wrong things when posting

January 25, 2016

This month I’ve been focusing on creating content regularly instead of packaging everything correctly.    I have been cross-posting on Twitter but that’s more because I installed a Twitter plugin and my theme changed and it took me a bit to figure out where it all went.   Next month I plan on changing this.  I’ll start […]

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January 22, 2016

Not everything is going to turn out exactly right.  Adjust without dwelling on the why or who.  Focusing on the why did this happen and looking for meaning as well as who is responsible for what happened many times are simply not relevant to the options at hand.  Like if a flight is overbooked.  Seriously, […]

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Lubbock Tx

January 21, 2016
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Planning is good, doing is better

January 20, 2016

I think the plan many people have is similar to this: save up, reduce or sell everything, travel, then write or blog about it.  They get caught up in the planning and fantasizing about distant lands and experiences.  Dream about the exotic people they’ll encounter where inevitably they are more suave then the Heineken guy […]

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Creative vacation day management

January 19, 2016

One problem people may run into when they are trying to travel more is the conflict between the desire to travel and the need to fit it in the precious number of days off you have.  If your fortunate to work where people generally don’t take time off around many of the holidays you can […]

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Test run planning

January 18, 2016

My plans for this are to save money and travel more often.  Which in it’s face you’d think the two wouldn’t go well together.  The trips are test runs really.  Some overseas many stateside, most all reflect my interests.  Partly to see if all of the hype I’ve built up in my head measures up […]

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